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Why Donate?

Donations to the CRWEF are used to create new courses, update existing courses and provide professional development opportunities to members of the Right of Way and Infrastructure real estate profession. Education is the cornerstone of what we do and it must be continually updated and renewed to maintain a high degree of professionalism for the various disciplines involved in the profession.

What disciplines are involved in Right of Way / Infrastructure Real Estate and who benefits from the education and professional development opportunities?

Some of the disciplines involved are; Appraisers, Negotiators, Solicitors, Environmental Specialists, Engineers, Planners, Community Relations Specialist, Surveyors, Project Managers, Property Managers and others.

What does it cost to develop a new course?

  • Depending on the discipline it can cost up to $50,000.00 to create a new course from the ground up?
    Why should I donate when part of the funds are directed to U.S. course development?
  • The basic principles of our profession do not vary greatly between Canada, the U.S. and international communities so we can use base course for all with adding variations that meet the local legal and regulatory requirements. This means a basic valuation course has merit in Canada and the U.S. An example of a course that would not receive CRWEF funding is relocation as this particular program is unique in the U.S. Although relocation is practiced in Canada, the processes and regulations are sufficiently different that would require development of a Canadian Course.

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