What does the CRWEF do?


At its core, the CRWEF’s mission is to raise and administer funds in an effort to improve continuing education and professional development for people in the right of way/public infrastructure field.
Who leads the CRWEF?
The CRWEF is made up of a Board of eight members who provide leadership for the Foundation. Presently there are four elected executive members serving as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as four board members. The responsibility of the Board are outlined under the Foundation’s Bylaws.
What is the relationship between CRWEF and the IRWA?


While the IRWA and the CRWEF have a cooperative relationship with a shared focus on education, they are separate organizations. The IRWA provides and educational curriculum platform and the CRWEF is a separate, non-profit organization that supports that platform by investing in the development and improvement of a variety of right of way education opportunities.

How is the CRWEF funded?

The Foundation is completely donor-supported.

How does my CRWEF donation support the continuing education?

The CRWEF invests in the development of new right of way education courses with Canadian content  and the revision of existing courses to satisfy the educational needs of Canadian members of the IRWA. As well, the CRWEF contributes to the professional development and instructor training initiatives, and invests in new methods for offering online educational content such as Video Enabled Integrated Technology (VIET) to improve the IRWA’s online course presentations and add interactive content.

What projects are the Foundation involved in?

In addition to funding new and revised IRWA courses, the CRWEF offers sponsorship programs for professional development opportunities initatied by the IRWA chapter or individuals who seed funding for things like new course materials, seminars, video presentations, networking events, or other education-based objectives that will generate professional growth and new skill development. As well, the CRWEF awards an annual scholorship to graduating high school students who are entering post secondary education programs in an discipline relation to right of way.

How can I make a donation to the CRWEF
You can donate in a variety of ways such as:

  • Adding a donation to CRWEF when you renew your annual IRWA dues.
  • Having a fundraising event such as a lunch and learn sessions where ticket sales are donated to the CRWEF.
  • Earmark a portion of your Chapter’s education course profits towards a CRWEF donation.
  • Make a donation at the Foundation’s annual board of directors meeting.