Sponsorship Application Form

Sponsorship Guidelines

To provide opportunities for creative and traditional/ non-traditional education and professional development

To provide financial support for education and professional development initiatives and opportunities throughout the right of way and infrastructure real estate profession, in Canada, the United States and Internationally.

Sponsorship opportunities:
1. Course and Seminar creations – Canada
2. Course and seminar creations – U.S.
3. Course and seminar creations – International
4. Classes or forums in remote locations
5. Seminars – educational and professional development
6. Other – Anything will be considered if it meets the criteria


IRWA 431C - Problems in the Valuation of Partial Acquisitions (Canadian)

The CRWEF is proud to be funding the development of this new course looking at Advanced topics for Valuation of Partial Acquisitions specific to our Canadian context.

Boomers, Xers, Ys and Zeds – The Multi-Generational Workplace

February 24, 2021, 12:00-1:30pm MST

Presenter – Julie Godsave
Thanks to the generous support of the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation, this session is FREE for IRWA members to attend.


  • Must demonstrate an educational benefit to right of way / infrastructure real estate professionals and the profession
  • Must demonstrate contribution to professional development, (skills enhancement networking opportunities, other)
  • Should be able to use the event for continuing education credits (preferable but not mandatory)
  • Could provide fundraising opportunities
  • Sponsorship possibilities are open to: IRWA chapters and Regions, Canada, U.S. International. Professions directly related right of way / infrastructure profession, (appraisal, negotiations, survey, environmental, project management, engineering, law, other
  • CRWEF must get recognition for the sponsorship and profile enhancement
  • A report of the event must be provided to the CRWEF within 30 days of the event


  1. What is the request ($) / purpose of the request?
  2. Why is the request being made?
  3. How does the request meet the criteria?
  4. When is the event to take place and when is the funding decision required?
  5. Who is requesting the sponsorship and who will benefit from the sponsorship?
  6. What is the budget and funding strategy for the request?


  1. Application, with support material, sent to CRWEF President (c.c.’s to Vice President and Secretary Treasurer
  2. Reviewed by the CRWEF executive
  3. Information forwarded to full board for review and approval
  4. Notification of approval / or disapproval
  5. Funding payment schedule to be determined.